Who’s the US Coast Guard

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“The United States Army is one of these. The Army (link) is meant for terrestrial combat” (1). This branch is intended for naval combat, or fight in seas or oceans. The United States Air Force, which is yet another, is intended for aerial combat. The United States Marine Corps is the all round participant of the US Armed Forces, performing the responsibilities of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. “Those are all the branches of the US military which are a part of the Department of Defense, the division responsible for battle and national protection. The fifth division is the United States Coast Guard. The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for national security and security, but unlike the Department of Defense, no battle is utilized. Despite the fact that they are a part of another department, the Coast Guard does major jobs which, whatsoever, are equally important as the other four branches. Here’s all about the US Coast Guard. It’s the second-newest military division, founded before the US Air Force. “Initially, it functioned as a re-establishment of the Navy, which was discontinued earlier. However, if the Navy was revived in 1798 and went back to doing its battle duties, the Coast Guard began performing different jobs” (3). Some of the most recognized responsibilities include search and rescue and disaster response. In times of aquatic or naval troubles, they’re sent out to rescue any survivors and bring them to safety. “Another important responsibility is marine law enforcement. They’re also responsible for policing coastal and marine regions to find any crimes or potential crimes. There are numerous different duties that they perform.So why does their job deserve a standing ovation? That’s where their responsibilities and the effect of the responsibilities need to be taken into consideration. One of their responsibilities is search and rescue, together with disaster response. If the Coast Guard would be to rescue the survivors of a marine disaster, including a sinking ship or oil well explosion, they will need to understand precisely about what incident it’s they are headed into. In this waythey know what equipment they will need to use or where they need to go. When the rescues have been made, the general public could be informed about what type of tragedy it was and what happened. With this knowledge, the shipbuilders and petroleum well designers may consider what security measures they will need to install to guarantee a disaster doesn’t occur again. Also, since they’re involved with law enforcement abroad, they guarantee that the American people can be protected from any drugs that prohibited or some other offense that could endanger their security. The Coast Guard might not be the best people to be around, but their job is, without doubt, what assists Americans live the lifestyles they do now.


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