Who’s the US Coast Guard

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“The United States Army is one of these. The Army (link) is meant for terrestrial combat” (1). This branch is intended for naval combat, or fight in seas or oceans. The United States Air Force, which is yet another, is intended for aerial combat. The United States Marine Corps is the all round participant of the US Armed Forces, performing the responsibilities of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. “Those are all the branches of the US military which are a part of the Department of Defense, the division responsible for battle and national protection. The fifth division is the United States Coast Guard. The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for national security and security, but unlike the Department of Defense, no battle is utilized. Despite the fact that they are a part of another department, the Coast Guard does major jobs which, whatsoever, are equally important as the other four branches. Here’s all about the US Coast Guard. It’s the second-newest military division, founded before the US Air Force. “Initially, it functioned as a re-establishment of the Navy, which was discontinued earlier. However, if the Navy was revived in 1798 and went back to doing its battle duties, the Coast Guard began performing different jobs” (3). Some of the most recognized responsibilities include search and rescue and disaster response. In times of aquatic or naval troubles, they’re sent out to rescue any survivors and bring them to safety. “Another important responsibility is marine law enforcement. They’re also responsible for policing coastal and marine regions to find any crimes or potential crimes. There are numerous different duties that they perform.So why does their job deserve a standing ovation? That’s where their responsibilities and the effect of the responsibilities need to be taken into consideration. One of their responsibilities is search and rescue, together with disaster response. If the Coast Guard would be to rescue the survivors of a marine disaster, including a sinking ship or oil well explosion, they will need to understand precisely about what incident it’s they are headed into. In this waythey know what equipment they will need to use or where they need to go. When the rescues have been made, the general public could be informed about what type of tragedy it was and what happened. With this knowledge, the shipbuilders and petroleum well designers may consider what security measures they will need to install to guarantee a disaster doesn’t occur again. Also, since they’re involved with law enforcement abroad, they guarantee that the American people can be protected from any drugs that prohibited or some other offense that could endanger their security. The Coast Guard might not be the best people to be around, but their job is, without doubt, what assists Americans live the lifestyles they do now.


Gators Dont Make Good Pets

Alligator in Lake

We lived in Providence, Kentucky a little coal mining town in the western side of the country. This neighbor was famous for doing and possessing exotic things. I recall being impressed by that little alligator chasing our hands as we moved them quickly along the edge of the old tub where he had been kept. I do not think he kept him quite long since he was growing extremely fast and was getting more difficult to handle.

The Florida alligator wasn’t protected at the time and you might find loads of stuffed ones at the souvenir shops around the nation. Dad had taken up commercial fishing while I was in the service and he was enjoying the fishing and hunting on Lake Istokpoga. One of the things he would search was alligator. You might bait hooks and hang them over the water for the alligators, but that wasn’t how we hunted. We would go out after dark in the ship with flashlights and 22 magnum rifles, drag the ship to the edge of the swampy coast line and then get out. We would wade through the swamp in sand and water up to our knees shining the light around searching for the manifestation of the alligator’s eyes.

The eyes would glow bright red, you had to be careful however, if the eyes where too high off the floor, then it may be a cow. When we spotted the alligator, then dad would take it between the eyes. My job when I was with him was to get the alligator from the tail and then drag it back to the ship. I couldn’t hang onto that tail, Dad finely finished him off with the pistol and we’d alligator tail the following day for dinner.

On one of these hunting trips I remember coming upon a small pool of muddy water which was filled with swarming alligators, there should have been hundreds inside. From that time on I was convinced that there would never be a lack of alligators. A couple of years after the state of Florida put a ban on hunting alligators and they began to greatly increase in numbers across the state.

Since the fishing and hunting rules became more rigorous, Dad moved from the lake and into town. It was a peat bog which was being dug and sold by the bag. Dad had one alligator he called Old Charlie. He had been blind from a hunter’s hook used in some time before.

In the 1980’s I took over the books and the peat farm and ran it from our house in Georgia with no more than 1 worker at anyone time, we just barely make ends meet. So we were always searching for some way to make it a profit. 1 thing that came up was that the possibly of producing an alligator farm. We already had a fantastic start, with the ponds and a couple of wild alligators on the property. We heard more about alligators in 3 days than we ever wanted to know. I visited a working alligator farm north of Avon Park and observed as they nourish them and walked around the breeding grounds which consisted of a series of ditches dug in”S” shapes to offer loads of nesting area.

Alligators are extremely tough to increase and there are a whole lot of risks involved. Alligator that you see served in restaurants are farm raised two no longer than the next year. After the growth rate slows and the feeding becomes too costly. The best portion of this alligator is the tail, cut into bets with a centre bone and four great segments of white meat. If you become dark meat at a restaurant, you’re eating the parts around the shoulders and thighs. The female alligator will adjust the height of the nest and coverings so the temperature is accurate. Alligator eggs can only survive in a very small temperature window, and the gender of the alligator is decided by only a few degrees one way or another. The egg will form a ring that will grow around the egg, if the egg has been turned over before this ring has completed a ring round the egg then the embryo will die.

When the eggs are ready to be moved, they need to be accumulated and moved to a secure place for hatching. The hatching and growing buildings include a long building, low to the ground and the rood could be lifted to feed and wash the concrete pools indoors. The construction will include four or five compartments for different size alligators. That begin at one end when they hatch and are transferred to deeper pools and with slightly more space as they grow. The ideal is to maintain them quite and dark as possible so that they will grow quickly rather than expend their fat going around. They’re feed and hosed down daily for no longer than two decades and then sent . Runts need to be weeded out when they’re found to not be growing. It is possible to feed a runt all you want but it won’t grow.

Well here are the findings about alligators we had been convinced that it wasn’t worth the risk and gave up on the perfect.


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(No, it was not explorer Marco Polo who brought it back from China.) While he fiddled around with his creation as early as 1912, it was not until 16 years later that he had perfected the machine and was prepared to introduce it to the general public, notably bakeries.

Beginning in 1921, a local company in Indianapolis termed the
As the story goes, an executive of the company was watching hot air balloons floating across the sky and declared them a”miracle” and the name took off (not as a hot air balloon). When the Continental Baking Company purchased out Wonder Bread in 1925 and started selling it sliced a couple of decades later, it turned into a revolutionary new product throughout the country. Homemakers loved the idea that it had been pre-sliced, in addition to its soft feel, which interpreted (and was encouraged ) as being new.

Clearly the bread had to be packed, as a result of pieces, so it was banned temporarily during WWII so as to conserve paper. But as the baby boomers went to college, lunch boxes throughout the nation carried sandwiches made with Wonder Bread daily, and it was actually a miracle of the 1950’s. Much to the horror of white bread aficionados, WB disappeared in 2012. It appears Hostess Brands (suppliers of Twinkies and cupcakes) declared bankruptcy. But another firm, Flowers Foods, sprang to the rescue only a year later, once more stocking the shelves of supermarkets with the white bread. (Phew… a year without Wonder Bread must have been stressed.)

What could be better than sliced bread? Close your eyes and envision that the irresistible aroma of roasting peanuts. Already a favorite in ballparks and circuses, the humble peanut grew in popularity, and now peanut butter dominates the sandwich options, smeared on white bread and covered with grape jelly. Though George Washington Carver is famous for his discovery of peanuts and their many applications, it was John Harvey Kellogg, founder of cold flaked cereals, who came up with peanut butter in 1895. Together with his brother, they improved their processing process. Initially the peanuts were steamed however a far more pleasing flavor emerged when roasted instead. The tasty nut butter provided a fantastic protein for kids and older folks who couldn’t chew meat.

In the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, lots of new foods were introduced, and alongside potato chips and waffle cones to hold ice cream, the smooth, creamy yummy peanut butter was a hit. Slap it on some bread, then add jelly, and it provided wholesome rations to our soldiers in WWI. And once Wonder bread has been introduced a couple of years later, the PB&J sandwich provided a good, simple and economical lunch for kids of all ages and became a staple for Americans.

When snack foods were popularized in the 1930’s, peanuts and peanut candies were on the hit parade and now contain some of the most in-demand goods in the U.S.. We consume more than six pounds of peanut products annually per individual, which adds up to 2 billion dollars . Peanut butter alone constitutes about half of our annual consumption. The rest includes nut snacks, baked goods and candies. Not to be ignored, peanuts offer a favorite cooking oil also, and a few fast food restaurants use it for frying.

Are you really a chunky or creamy enthusiast? We know that Elvis Presley’s favorite gourmet dish was fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, though we are not sure whether his cook utilized sliced white bread. Probably.